Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Systems in UAE requires careful handling, therefore, Smart SMS is entrusted to resolve any problems from your HVAC Systems. Maintenance must be not just preventative, but also predictive, resulting in lower equipment downtime, increased equipment longevity and lower operation costs. Even the most energy-efficient equipment is rendered inefficient through improper maintenance.

Our high-efficiency systems maximize comfort while minimizing energy costs and sound levels. For optimal performance, we highly recommend purchasing a matching furnace that is rated and sized properly to work with the air conditioner of your choice. We want you to be comfortable all year, so you can relax in your home, offices, factories.

We work on both large and small air conditioning installations all over UAE. We offer a free site survey to all our customers to make sure you get exactly what you need. We specialize in HVAC units, Split AC systems and Pillar maintenance. Our customers range from both individual consumers to commercial consumers. We act immediately to cater our services for our customers & also provide warranty for the services completed. All of our engineers & technicians are all fully qualified, experienced, and treat your property with the utmost care and attention.

Some of the benefits of our HVAC repair services in UAE:

  • Services of indoor and outdoor units
  • Repair Air Conditioning coils
  • Cleaning and checking of electric components
  • Topping up of refrigerant gas
  • Belt replacement, Air Handle Unit (AHU, FAHU) repairing
  • Changing compressor and filters
  • New AC installation
  • Repair & Maintenance of chiller unit
  • Annual Maintenance Contracting (AMC)
  • Reduce equipment failure and down-time
  • Priority service for our maintenance contract holders
  • Higher comfort level to occupants
  • Reduce energy consumption and save 5% up to 20% on utility bills
  • Add years to equipment life
  • Scheduled maintenance provides greater convenience to the customer